Lindy-Sponsored Fiesta Schoolyards Transforms Empty Lots into Spectacular Play Spaces

Fiesta Schoolyard was recently featured on WHYY PBS for their work on creating playgrounds for local schools.

Fiesta Schoolyards is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making new memories for Philadelphia School students by transforming schoolyards into dynamic play areas. The organization was founded in 2022 by three brothers who were inspired by their own experiences with schoolyard improvements. Fiesta Schoolyards has a goal of improving 100 schoolyards in 10 years. The organization has already completed 25 schoolyards and is on track to reach its goal.

In the video, Elaine Lindy talks about the importance of schoolyards and how Fiesta Schoolyards is making a difference in the lives of Philadelphia students. She also discusses the challenges of the project and how they are being overcome.

The video features Shirley Min, the Executive Director of Fiesta Schoolyards, who discusses the organization’s mission and impact. Min describes how Fiesta Schoolyards works with schools to design and install new playgrounds that meet the needs of the students. She also talks about the positive impact that new playgrounds have on students’ lives.

The video is a great example of how one organization is making a difference in the lives of Philadelphia School students. If you are interested in learning more about Fiesta Schoolyards, you can visit their website at

Fiesta Schoolyards playground